Order Remap for Bmw X5 3.0 24V (E53) Petrol (Deposit only)

BHP Increase Thank you for your interest in remapping the Bmw X5 3.0 24V (E53) Petrol

You have chosen the ECU remap.

To proceed you can either call us now on 0844 504 657 or use the secure PayPal payment option below to pay your £50.00 deposit.

When will my Bmw be remapped?

After paying your deposit online, we will contact you within 48 hours to arrage a time and location which is most convenient to you to get the remapping completed.

How long does the remapping take?

From arriving on site at your vehicle, the entire work usually takes only 2 hours. This includes diagnotics and testing.

Is the work Guaranteed, what if there is a problem?

All of our remap work is insured and guaranteed. In the unlikely event of any problem, the insurance, underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance will cover any repair. We pride ourselves on quality of service and assurance, taking full responsibility for the safety and well being of your vehicle.

Click on the PayPal icon below to pay your deposit securely on the PayPal.com website: